E is for Electricity!

Our preschoolers LOVE science experiments!  This was a great one to review our previous discussions on the scientific method, talk about electricity and write down our observations.

We started by talking all about electricity.  What is it?  What does it do? A fun way to demonstrate this is to turn the lights on and off.  How does the electricity get from the switch to the light?

Electricity needs a power source.  In our experiment this is the battery.  We then created an electrical circuit using alligator clip wires, a battery and a christmas lightbulb.  It is so exciting to see the light bulb light up! Then we added another set of alligator clips that we could add different objects into.  If the light bulb went on, then electricity could go through our object (it was a conductor).  If the lightbulb wouldn't go on, the electricity couldn't go through the object.
 After each test, we recorded our observations--because we are scientists! Then we could observe what did all of the conductors have in common? They are all metal! 

Want to try this?  Here's a recording sheet for your observations . . .

C is for . . . Color Mixing!

This expression pretty much sums up the enormous love for our slime play! Huge hit!

As part of our introduction to mixing colors, this simple color mixing science adventure 
inspired oodles of excitement!

We started out with red, yellow and blue 50/50 mixtures of vinegar and water,
and a bowl of magic white powder (aka baking soda)

We made predictions on what would happen if we mixed the colors together. 
Two children each selected a color and poured some into another cup.  
We then made observations on what happened.

Think that was cool?  
Now just add a big scoop of magic powder in and watch the explosion. 

For our art center, I set out plates of red, yellow and blue paint and encouraged the children to choose a color for each hand, put a print on the paper and then rub their hands together to make a new color.  This too was a huge hit--they'd run and wash their hands and come back ready to experiment with new color combinations.  Best of all, it was almost completely a self directed activity.  They had been presented the idea of combining colors through our story, circle time discussion and science experiences that now they were excited to take their learning and play with it.

 For children who like things a little less messy--paintbrushes were available to experiment with as well.

We also taped baggies with red, yellow and blue colored ice to our glass door. 
It was so fun to watch these melt throughout the morning and slowly create new colors in the bottom of the bag.  The kids loved it! 

Seriously an awesome day at preschool.  


Today we celebrated all of the wonderful things we CAN do at preschool! This is was a great introduction to our preschool classroom and tools for the start of a new school year.

 We can . . . be silly!

We can . . . paint!

We can . . . glue!

We can . . . build and chop like ninjas!

We can . . . string beads!

We can . . . HAVE A TON OF FUN!

Fabulous First day!

We had so much fun getting to know each other and exploring our preschool classroom today! 

In his magic bag we found some preschool "tools." 
They introduced themselves to us and told us how to keep them happy 
(Ms. Glue likes to be squeezed and squished--but she reminded us to keep her hat closed when she is done so she doesn't dry out!).  

We even rocked just like Pete the Cat (and you can too with this link!) in our school shoes 

 . . . but most of all, we had fun meeting new friends! 

Finding animals for the backyard of the block house.

"Look! A Mechanic shop!"  See the car made out of blocks to the left? Awesome.

Exploring with watercolors. Water, paint, paper and back to the water and repeat!
For some kids this was a little tricky to remember--but very fun to practice!

Making Birthday Crowns

These girls soon discovered playdough makes great play food and squishing it into little containers is lots of fun!  It is also an excellent fine motor practice.  I just had the playdough set out--but the quickly combined it with the play kitchen and created a whole new experience. 


Nature Walk

We had so much fun on our nature walk--
We found grass, trees, flowers, sticks, rocks and bugs.
We even discovered a bird in a nest in the tree right outside our classroom! 
Each child had a paper bag to put items they wanted to collect.  
When we got back to our classroom, 
we turned our collections into art using clear contact paper.
We played hyperdash (see here).  The kids love cheering for each other as much as playing and it helps practice quick identification of numbers and colors . . . while improving gross motor skills . . . but most of all--its FUN!