E is for Electricity!

Our preschoolers LOVE science experiments!  This was a great one to review our previous discussions on the scientific method, talk about electricity and write down our observations.

We started by talking all about electricity.  What is it?  What does it do? A fun way to demonstrate this is to turn the lights on and off.  How does the electricity get from the switch to the light?

Electricity needs a power source.  In our experiment this is the battery.  We then created an electrical circuit using alligator clip wires, a battery and a christmas lightbulb.  It is so exciting to see the light bulb light up! Then we added another set of alligator clips that we could add different objects into.  If the light bulb went on, then electricity could go through our object (it was a conductor).  If the lightbulb wouldn't go on, the electricity couldn't go through the object.
 After each test, we recorded our observations--because we are scientists! Then we could observe what did all of the conductors have in common? They are all metal! 

Want to try this?  Here's a recording sheet for your observations . . .

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