Fabulous First day!

We had so much fun getting to know each other and exploring our preschool classroom today! 

In his magic bag we found some preschool "tools." 
They introduced themselves to us and told us how to keep them happy 
(Ms. Glue likes to be squeezed and squished--but she reminded us to keep her hat closed when she is done so she doesn't dry out!).  

We even rocked just like Pete the Cat (and you can too with this link!) in our school shoes 

 . . . but most of all, we had fun meeting new friends! 

Finding animals for the backyard of the block house.

"Look! A Mechanic shop!"  See the car made out of blocks to the left? Awesome.

Exploring with watercolors. Water, paint, paper and back to the water and repeat!
For some kids this was a little tricky to remember--but very fun to practice!

Making Birthday Crowns

These girls soon discovered playdough makes great play food and squishing it into little containers is lots of fun!  It is also an excellent fine motor practice.  I just had the playdough set out--but the quickly combined it with the play kitchen and created a whole new experience. 


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