C is for . . . Color Mixing!

This expression pretty much sums up the enormous love for our slime play! Huge hit!

As part of our introduction to mixing colors, this simple color mixing science adventure 
inspired oodles of excitement!

We started out with red, yellow and blue 50/50 mixtures of vinegar and water,
and a bowl of magic white powder (aka baking soda)

We made predictions on what would happen if we mixed the colors together. 
Two children each selected a color and poured some into another cup.  
We then made observations on what happened.

Think that was cool?  
Now just add a big scoop of magic powder in and watch the explosion. 

For our art center, I set out plates of red, yellow and blue paint and encouraged the children to choose a color for each hand, put a print on the paper and then rub their hands together to make a new color.  This too was a huge hit--they'd run and wash their hands and come back ready to experiment with new color combinations.  Best of all, it was almost completely a self directed activity.  They had been presented the idea of combining colors through our story, circle time discussion and science experiences that now they were excited to take their learning and play with it.

 For children who like things a little less messy--paintbrushes were available to experiment with as well.

We also taped baggies with red, yellow and blue colored ice to our glass door. 
It was so fun to watch these melt throughout the morning and slowly create new colors in the bottom of the bag.  The kids loved it! 

Seriously an awesome day at preschool.  

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