L is for Lots of Ladybugs

After introducing letter L, his sound, and one of Ms Tamra's silly chalkboard illustrations we practiced writing our own L's and l's. 

 Here's a simple tip:  Laminate blank name cards or even make your own using cardstalk. With wet erase markers (I like these SO much better than dry erase--clean up is a cinch!) your child can practice writing their name, letters, drawing shapes, writing words, etc.  Have some diaper wipes near-by for quick and easy wipe down and they are ready to go again!

Our easy and super fun ladybug art project . . .
Open the wings to find
lots of little ladybugs!

We started out with white oval's with letter L's to trace, added red ink thumb prints, and used fine-tip sharpies to turn those into lady bugs.  We glued 3 black strips of paper to each side, a black circle head with more black paper scraps for antenna's then glued all of that on a black oval and attach wings with brad's. Black crayon spots on top completed our project.  The kids absolutely loved this one!

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