Funny, Fabulous Letter F!

The Letter Ff is so much fun to explore! Here's a sampling of our adventures today . . . 

What happens when you mix five sets of fantastic feet . . . 

fabulous flowers . . . 

 and furry feathers?

 You get some very fantastically fabulous oh so funny feet!

Snack time involved a visit to the letter Fancy Letter Ff restaurant where we ate fruit and food flowers on Ms Tamra's fancy dishes and had a fizzy drink! We had to use our best manners, were served by a very funny but fancily dressed waiter, listen to fabulous classical music and watched a fancy but funny dance :).  

Then one of the students reminded waitress Tamra that FIRE starts with F, so we added candlelight do our meal :)

And here's a little peek at the kind of craziness that happens at school--
Letter F with funny feet, flowers, feathers, fuzz, fire and a flag!

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