Halloween Crafts

This year we had fun making these Halloween crafts.  They were really simple to make, and the kids had lots of fun!

Footprint Ghosts
1) I made sure we had PLENTY of space to keep this potentially messy project preschooler friendly!

2) I then had each child write his or her name in white crayon on black paper.

3) I put white paint on a cookie sheet and spread it around to create a thin layer.

4) I had each child walk through the white paint and carefully step out onto the black paper and then into a bucket with warm soapy water.

5) Child washes paint of their feet and steps out onto the towel.

6) After paint dries, I drew a ghost face on each foot.

Some very cute Halloween Ghosts!

Paper Plate Jack-O-Lanterns 
(thanks to my friend Morgan over at Brilliant Beginnings for this idea!)

1) Each child painted a paper plate with orange paint.

2) Then they stuck black shapes (I had previously cut out) to create a jack-o-lantern of their choosing.   Because the paint was still wet, the shapes stuck without glue.
Sticking shapes on was so much fun some jack-o-lanterns ended up Halloween Pizzas!

3) Then each child helped me staple a brown stem and a green pipe cleaner to the plate.

4) Using his or her fingers, he or she then curled the pipe cleaner to look like a vine!

Here's our Bulletin Board with these two projects . . .

How's that for some Halloween FUN!

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Morgan said...

so cute!
they turned out great!