Sink or Float?

We used this fun activity to make discoveries about how objects act in water.

1)We talked about things that sink or float and discussed how if the water pushes up against the object harder than the object pushes down, the object floats.  But if the object pushes down harder then the water can push it up, it will sink.

2) I showed the kids a variety of objects and they hypothesized what would happen.

3) We tested our hypothesis by putting an object in the water.

4) After observing what happened, each child drew their observations on a paper that had a line drawn to represent the water.  If the object floated, they drew it on top of the line.  If it sunk, they drew it under the line on the bottom of the page.

5) The object was then removed and placed in the appropriate category.  Here are our results:

6) We then dropped a ball of clay in the water.  It's hard to see in this picture, but it sunk.

7) The children watched as I stretched it out and shaped it into a boat shape.  I asked them if it would sink or float.  They all thought it would sink.  It was an exciting surprise to see this happen . . .

It floated!!
Why?  Because the clay is now taking up more space so more water can push/hold it up--just like a boat.

Isn't science fun?

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