Q is for Quilt

Exploring Quilts as a class was a lot of fun! 

During our center time, I had stacks of these quilt blocks out for the kiddos to color.

As they completed them, I punched holes in the corners 
and used some thin yarn to tie them together like this . . .

The end result is fantastic.  It really looks like a paper quilt!

Because I don't want to spoil the excitement of showing this to parents at preschool graduation, I'll have to wait to post pictures of the entire thing. Trust me, though, it's cute!

Here's the quilt block pattern.

These would be super cute with pictures or handprints in the centers too--that could be a cute mother's day gift for a grandma who lives far away!

For another fun quilt activity, we took a large quilt outside . . . 

and each child held onto a corner or side and we bounced fire balls in the middle.  We couldn't let them fall off or the grass would start on fire and that would be "DISASTROUS" (as a child explained to me)! 

We also tried just bouncing one ball as high as we could and then moving wherever we needed to catch it.  Talk about team work . . . but a LOT of fun!

Finally, what is more fun then using a quilt to make a fort to eat cookies and hide in?  BUT . . . you better watch out . . . Ms. Tamra might turn into a big bad wolf . . . 

Who knew letter Q could be so much fun??

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