Friendship Punch

Here's a recipe for a great (and very cute) friendship discussion:

With a pitcher of water on the table, I explained that I needed everyone to help me make friendship punch. I poured in some "friendship," a powder juice mix (I used crystal light) and we watched as it hit the water and magically started changing color (both the powder and the water).  Each child took a turn stirring and explained what they were adding to the friendship.  We had sharing, taking turns, being nice and even obeying our parents in our punch! 

When the kids finally got to taste their Friendship Punch . . . there were LOTS of exclamations of "delicious!" "Man, that's good stuff!" "we are GREAT cooks!" and other equally cute stuff. 

And to remind us of our friendships . . . we had mustaches for the rest of the day!

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