Octopus for Dinner??

Here's a fun little snack or dinner . . . 

Serve the kids OCTOPUS!

Here's some super simple steps. . .

Take a hot dog and cut it in half lengthwise, but stop about 1 or 2 inches from one end.  Then cut each of those halves in half . . . so now you have four legs.  Cut each of those four in half--ending with eight.  Place it on a pan (if baking in the oven--like I did the one above) or on a plate (for microwaving) with the legs spread out underneath and the uncut part on top.  As it cooks, the legs will curl--creating a great octopus effect!

You can use this to talk about the letter O (Octopus, Ocean) or the number eight (8 legs) or even the letter S for Sea . . . or just to make dinner a little more fun!

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