B is for BALLS!

Today we had lots of fun with BALLS!

I started out with a big bag full of balls.  The kids came up and picked a ball and compared it in size with the large green ball, and as balls were added, the other balls in line.  We did this with each ball--until we had all the balls ordered from largest to smallest.  We talked about the variety of balls, what we do with them and our favorite ball games. 

THEN it was outside to PLAY ball games! We played Soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, dodgeball, and a our all time favorite game (one we made up as a class) . . .Bomber (I'll have to explain that in another post). It was so much fun not only playing, but making up cheers as we celebrated our team mates.  

Finally, I have to share with you this adorable moment.
Kids were getting on shoes and I heard this . . . 
"Come here, little buddy, and I'll help you!"
and I turned to see this . . . 

Gotta love THAT teamwork!

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