How do we start our school day?

When the students arrive each day, there are a variety of learning centers set up that they are free to explore and move between as they choose.  Here is a peak of some of the work that took place today. 

The art center was creating color bug themed emergent reader books.
  I forgot to send these home--so look for them in your child's folder on Monday!  Here is the link I used for these great books-- Cover, Page 2, Page 3 

Let your child "read" and re-read these to you over and over and congratulate them each time.  Encourage them to point to each word as they "read" it.  You might need to do it with them the first time--but they'll catch on quickly!

We also had play-dough fun . . . 

Dramatic play included fierce treasure hunting pirates . . .

The math center was a bug grid game . . .
Want to print your own?  Find it here . . . I would love to have bug counters to use with it, but instead we had bears eating the leaves! At home you could use beans, buttons or other small objects. It's simple to play--roll the dice and cover up that many leaves (you could also use regular dice or number cards).  When the grid fills up, you win! I had two of these set up so two kids could play together or it also works for individual play.  

And the always popular Geoboard.

So there's a sneak peek at the work going on during our center time today!

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