K is for KITE!

Here are some really fun KITE activities we enjoyed as we explored the letter K. . . 

Ms. Kanga Kangaroo's Colorful Kites!

1) As a fine motor center activity, they made paper soup by cutting up paper scraps into little pieces and putting them in a pot.  

2) Later as an art project, they used the pieces of paper from the soup and glued them on Kangaroo Kites.  Tip: When doing an activity like this, encourage each child to put the glue on the kite in small sections and then stick the paper to it before it dries instead of trying to put the glue on the back of each individual tiny piece of paper.

Now Kanga Kangaroo has an armful of colorful K Kites!

The biggest hit of the day, though, was making these super easy bumblebee kites! The class absolutely LOVED these.  

Use this illustration with the super simple instructions below . . . 

1) Have your child color a piece of regular white computer paper. 

2) Fold it in half, but only crease it half way across (the illustrations below will help this all make more sense).

3) Make a mark on the fold at 2.5 inches from the edge and another mark at 3.5 inches.

4) Being careful not to fold it, bend down the top corner on the front and back to the 2.5" mark.  Staple in place.

5) Using a single paper hole punch, punch a hole at the 3.5" mark.  

6) Tie sewing thread through this hole.  

7) The kite is ready to fly indoors or out!!

Let's go fly a kite!

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