F is for Fish!

This was a really fun craft that the kids really got excited about and it was a nice change from the usual color and cutting activities.

Preparation: I made a copy of a page with 4 various fish for each child. With white crayon I then wrote their name on one fish and Ff on the other fish.  

Craft: Each child painted their page of fish with water color paint.  They were so excited to see the letters and their name magically appear as they painted!  In fact, some little painters were so excited about the magic letters that after the paint dried, they painted over it again and, much to their disappointment, the magic letters disappeared.  I'll have to watch more carefully for that next time!  After the paint dried, I cut these out and put them aside for later.

Later in the day they used blue and green finger paint to make an ocean.  I encouraged them to fill the page completely. 

Then, while the paint was still wet, they placed their previously painted fish in the ocean.  The wet paint acted like glue to hold the fish on. 

Ta-Da! An ocean Full of Funny F Fish!

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PerryParty3 said...

K, seriously, I LOVE your ideas
I think I'll try this one with Michael today.