N is for Nursery Rhymes

As part of our Letter N week, our preschool theme today was Nursery Rhymes and Numbers.  Here is an activity that was a huge hit!

Jack Be Nimble

After comparing sizes amongst a variety of candles and ordering them from smallest to largest,

The kids lined up . . .

Then took turns jumping over the candles! We started with the smallest and when everyone had a chance to jump over that, moved to the next candle.  We did this until everyone had a chance.  For each jumper, we chanted the following nursery rhyme:

Jack be nimble.
Jack be quick.
Jack jump over the candlestick!
Make it lively,
make it quick,
But don't knock over the candlestick!

The kids absolutely loved this! And they showed some pretty sweet jumping skills . . . 
A super fun preschool nursery rhyme activity that you could easily do at home!

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Critchfield fam said...

Love it! We'll have to play this game sometime! I like the handprint invitations too. We did handprint table decor to put on our table during our thanksgiving feast. Maybe we'll do the invitations next year. I see you have a girl now. Funny b/c I have a boy now :)