Handprint Turkey's

This fun Thanksgiving preschool craft turned out really cute and the kids had a lot of fun making it.

1) I put a little paint in a variety of colors on a plate. Each color got it's own paintbrush.
2) I painted each child's hand like this . . .
3. Then I had them make a hand print on a piece of white paper.

4. I let the kids glue these on any color of cardstock card that they wanted. I then added Turkey details to their handprint.

Inside the cards, the kids pasted the invitation to the "Thank You" feast they are putting on for their parents.

These really did turn out cute.  So cute, in fact, I had my own kids make some to send to their Grandma with a note that said, Happy Thanksgiving from your Little Turkey's. An easy, but fun preschool thanksgiving craft!

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