A is for Astronaut!

Today we had a lot of fun learning all about (and being) ASTRONAUTS!

After blasting into outer space in our rocket ship,
(and fighting off the invading Aliens)
some of our Astronaut Adventures included
exploring moon sand . . .

Learning all about what it is like in space.
One thing we talked about was gravity.
We dropped objects and watched them fall to the ground.
What would it be like without gravity?
The class was delighted to brainstorm silly things that would happen and easily led this discussion.
How would you eat something like . . . chocolate pudding?
It would just float off your spoon (lots of giggles at the thought)!
We brainstormed solutions . . .
and then
We ate Chocolate Pudding
Astronaut style . . .

Have the children help you pre-make chocolate pudding
then scoop into STRONG ziplock bags and store in the fridge (we did this as one of our gathering activities as the children were arriving--don't forget to wash hands first!).
When your ready for your astronaut adventure . . .
Cut off the corner
and eat by squeezing it out!
Everyone will agree that
Chocolate Pudding tastes even better
during an Astronaut Adventure!

After returning safely to earth,
we practiced our Awesome "A" writing skills.

See you Monday for Another Awesome Adventure!!

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