A is for Apple

I had each child bring an apple from home. We lined them up and compared their shapes, sizes, and colors. We cut the apples open to count the number of seeds inside and to compare the seed sizes between various kinds of apples. The class was fascinated to discover the star-shape that is revealed when an apple is cut in half horizontally. They also really enjoyed tasting a slice of each type of apple.

When we were done exploring the apples we made . . .


Peel, core and slice about 2 pounds of apples.
Simmer in a pot with about a 1/2 cup water.
When the apples are tender remove from heat
and mash with a potato masher (will be chunky).
Add some sugar to sweeten (about 1/3 Cup)
and sprinkle lightly with Cinnamon.
Very easy, but super yummy!!

I love to cook with the children in my class. It is such a fun way to explore senses (touch, smell, etc), explore math (counting ingredients, comparing measuring cup sizes, identifying numbers in recipes), and print awareness as we refer to the recipes for instructions. In addition, they are learning about cooperation and taking turns. Kids love to help in the kitchen and are often more eager try something new if they helped create it . . . and don't even realize all the valuable things they are learning in the process!

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