F is for Food!

"Look, Ms Tamra, I'm making waffles for Daddy!"
Today we explored Dr Sears Traffic Light Eating. (For more information click here)
This is such an easy way to help kids remember 
what foods help them grow and 
what food should be saved for special occasions like parties or celebrations. 

So many foods to choose from! But which food will help our bodies the most? Like Lightening McQueen, we need the right kind of gas to go fast!
Green Go foods are things a farmer could grow--your body needs LOTS of these!

We found pictures and divided them into the right categories.  For simplicity in this discussion, we only briefly touched on the yellow light foods.

Making Playdough--a great Math activity with all the reading numbers, counting, comparing sizes and turn taking!

So much fun to watch the food coloring turn it green!!

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