U is for Up!

A Letter U Science Experiment . . . 

The supplies (each child was also given a paper to record their observations) . . . 
Like the giant sized vinegar?
We use a lot of that stuff in preschool! :)
Step 1: Use funnel to fill balloon with Baking Soda 

Step 2: Observe how the U is sad and upside down

Step 3: Carefully put balloon on top of bottle (containing vinegar and food coloring) 
without spilling any of the baking soda into the bottle. 

Step 4: Slowly turn the balloon up while saying the u sound . . . /u/ /u/ /u/
 and watch as the chemical reaction creates CO2 gas that fills the balloon. 
The U is now Up and happy :)

Step 5: Blow up a balloon with the regular air you breathe.  
Hold the CO2 balloon and the regular balloon next to each other and drop them at the same time.  
The CO2 will fall much faster and not bounce as much because it is heavier then the air around us (and the air in the other balloon).  Show a helium balloon--because helium is lighter than air, it floats!

Step 6: Record your observations! 

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Anonymous said...

Cute idea! You could even let the kids fill their own bottles and balloons, and do the experiment themselves (with supervision, of course). I might try this in my own classroom, maybe set it up as a learning station for the kids to work with.