Dr Martin Luther King

I loved our discussion today about Dr Martin Luther King.  
I loved how the idea of segregation is so foreign to these kids 
and seems so completely unjust and bizarre to them. 

I told them a story my mom shared with me about being a little girl crossing the street with her father at a crosswalk. They were almost to the other side when a police officer stopped them and made them turn around and go back to the sidewalk and cross at a different place and in a different direction, because they were crossing in the wrong spot. 

 One little boy asked me, in complete amazement,
 "Ms Tamra, is that story for real?" 

We finished up our discussion with the following little clip on youtube . . .

And each child painted their own dream to make our world a better place . . .

Have a wonderful long weekend and, in honor of Dr King's birthday,
 as a family, do something nice for someone else.

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