E is for Egg!

E is for Exploring Excellent Eggs!

Ms Tamra had two eggs that looked just alike.  
We talked about what animals/creatures come from eggs and which ones do not.  
Then she showed us some tricks.

Did you know an egg in water sinks, 
but if you put some salt in that water it will float?
Even though they looked the same, 
one egg would spin and the other would not . . . why? 
 We opened them up and found our answer.  
One egg was raw and the other cooked.  
We also explored the different parts of an egg, its purpose 
and how they had changed when cooked.

After all this exploration, we got to do our own egg tricks!
First we colored them with crayons very carefully,

Then we dipped them in the stinky water 
(vinegar, water and food coloring) . . . 

 And ta-da!

 Egg-citingly Egg-cellent Eggs!

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