D is for DInosaur!

Dinosaurs are a FAVORITE around here.  We learned all about Herbivores and Carnivores and took a closer look at Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurs Rex, and Stegosaurus.   We learned about Paleontologists and how they learn about dinosaurs by studying bones and fossils. 

 Here's a funny snippet from circle time . . . 
Ms Tamra: "Have you ever seen a dinosaur?"
Kids: responded with a mixture of "no's" and "I did at the museum!"
Ms Tamra: explains that dinosaurs lived a long time ago, before their were any people. I then ask, "So if they lived a super long time ago, how do we know about them?"
Child L: "Cause our mom's tell us!"
Ms Tamra: "And how did our mom's learn about dinosaurs?"
Child L: "Cause they saw them a super long time ago!"

Here's a peek at these kids during center time . . . 

We has so much fun with dinosaurs, we'll study them some more on Friday!

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