B is for Bee!

What better way to learn about the letter B
then through exploring Bee's?!?

Here's a great link to read more about Bee's
with your preschooler creature feature bees.

Then have a blast dancing to this song . . .

In our class, after learning all about Bee's,
we turned letter B's into Bees

And did lots of singing and dancing to our letter B song:
(to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Busy, Beautiful, Buzzing Bee's
Letter B says /b/ /b/ /b/
Busy, Beautiful, Buzzing Bee's
Letter B says /b/ /b/ /b/.

And just because these kids are so cute, 
here's a peek at some of our center fun 
(love how they pose for the camera :) . . .

**{Parents, don't forget to send in your child's baby picture for Friday!}**


[Morgan] said...

Those Bees are AWESOME! Don't be surprised if you catch me stealing the idea:)

Miss Tamra said...

Thanks Morgan! I feel like I owe you a bazillion ideas after all the help you've given me!

Henckel House said...

Totally posted your Bees out of B's picture on pinterest! Fabulous idea. Hope that is okay