B is for Backyard!

Thankfully we've finally had a break in our 
100 plus degree weather-- 
Just in time for B week!

What did we do?

B is for Bunches of Blue Bubbles . . . 
I used Ms Morgan's fantastic bubble recipe 
and just added blue food coloring, 
poured a little in plastic cups,
passed out the straws
And let the kids BLOW!!!  

What a BLAST!
(but positively an outside activity!!!)

B is for Big Blue Ball Game
The kids run around the backyard, 
Ms Tamra throws the Big Blue Ball
If it touches you, you have to go stand at the tree
until a friend gives you high five and rescues you.

We love this game! 
Sometimes Ms Tamra is a Dragon 
and the ball is a fireball . . .
or she's a shark and it's a bubble . . .
or . . .
well, you get the idea :)

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