C is for color

We started off today's exploration of both color and Jazz Music with this fun book . . . 
I got this at a music teachers convention two years ago--
but you can get it online.
I LOVE  it and the kids do too!
After reading the story, we listened to the accompanying CD and drew pictures of whatever the music sounded like in the color we heard. 
Everyone heard something different--
 We had a pink dancing princess, a big brown bear,  
and even a green trumpet!

 Then we ended up with an impromptu dance--
the kids LOVED the Jazz music!

One of our gross motor activities for the day used these simple plastic lids with flashcards taped on the bottom.  
We put them upside down on the floor and marched around listening to our new favorite Jazz music.  
When the music stopped, we ran to put our toes next to a circle, then got to flip it over and name what was on the bottom.
We'll use this game throughout the year with letters, and numbers.

Did you know that some colors are made by mixing other colors?  
Ms Tamra used a green marker to draw a big green dot on this coffee filter then she used a straw to drip a little water on it. 
When it dried, we could see that the green had yellow and blue it in!
We also did this with orange and purple.
 We'll do more with mixing color magic on Friday :)

Finally, here's a picture of Ms Munching Mouth . . . 
She LOVES to eat letters!  
During our one-on-one assessments this week, the kids named letters as they fed them to her.  
There were lots and lots of giggles as she almost nibbled little fingers :)

See you Friday!

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