M is for Marvelous Mouse!

At preschool this week it's all about the letter Mm!

Today Moko pulled out his magic bag full of things that start with the letter Mm: Money (and a little magic!), macaroni, mustard, mushrooms, a mouse, a monkey, markers, a movie, and some mail! Letter Mm is Moko the Monkey's favorite letter, of course! :)

Then he introduced us to this book . . . 

And because the letter Mm loves to MUNCH . . . mmmmm good stuff, we munched cookies while we read the book, followed by a glass of mmm milk!

We did lots of tummy rubbing as we practiced the sound of the Letter Mm :)

We also made our invites to the Muffins & Mom's party . . . 
Aren't those just the cutest little card making elfs?!?

And as an at home bonus, here's a fun link to a short letter Mm animation activity you can do with your child. 

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