CALENDAR Sept 20-24th

It's all about the Letter Ss this week! 
Here's what you can look forward to . . .

Mon Sept 20th:

  • Slippery, Slimy Spaghetti! We'll eat and paint with a kid favorite . . . spaghetti!

Weds Sept 22:

  • Super Silly Socks! 
  • Parents: Don't forget to send your child with one white sock to make their super S puppets!

Thurs Sept 24:

  • Spiders!  Spiders! Those Sneaky, Special Spiders!
  • Don't forget to bring your letter S show and Tell!

Note: Morning class--our snack schedule got a little off.   Instead of following the calendar these last few days of the month, just watch for your child to bring home the snack bucket . . . if you get it, bring snack the next school day.  Thanks for your flexibility! :)

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