The Quiet Queen's Quest

Today we had so much fun going on the Quiet Queen's Quest.  It was really exciting for everyone.

Moko greeted us at circle time with a note from the Quiet Queen asking us to go on a special Quest. She had several crowns with various quests to complete quietly (it was a fun challenge and we did a lot of whispering).  After each quest, the children reported back to Moko, received a jewel for their Qq crowns, and learned what the next quest was.

It was so much fun completing our quests! Take a look . . . 

Painting the royal fence with water and brushes (kids LOVE doing this!) . . . after the fence they moved onto the bricks!

Signing names on the castle steps

The final quest was to steal the treasure from the dragon.  

I (the dragon) laid down on the back porch with my arms around a basket of dragon eggs (plastic easter eggs).  A treasure box was put across the backyard. 

There were four rules. 

1) No opening the dragon eggs.

2) When the dragon roars, freeze in place.  
If she sees you move, you have to put any eggs you have in your hands back.

3) No throwing dragon eggs.

4) Your quest: get all of the dragon eggs (one at a time) from the dragon and into the treasure box.

There were lots of giggles as I snored and roared and kids froze in place.  This was so much fun we'll have to play it again soon. 

Inside the dragon eggs we found a large jewel with the letter Q (old scrapbook letter stickers work great for this! How often do you use Q??) for the center of their crowns.  We also found a lot of edible jewels (m&m's). 

After all that hard work . . . we had to take a picture to show off our completed crowns!
Quiet Queen, thanks for the very fun Quest!

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