P is for Pizza and Pajamas!

To celebrate the end of Letter P week, we had a big 

Everyone wore their PJ's and brought their favorite bedtime book.  We read, played games and made Pizza!

It was a BLAST!

Check out these happy kiddos in their Pajama's!

We played musical pillows (those are the animal pillows from our book nook) with a twist.  They hoped from pillow to pillow while the music played.  

When it stopped, they had to act like the animal they stopped on through the next round.  

It was a lot of fun!

Then we switched it up by turning the floor into hot lava and they had to hop from pillow to pillow.  I kept taking away pillows and moving them farther apart.  

We sure had a lot of giggling!

Each child made their own pizzas.  I pre-baked the dough.  Then each child was given a plate with cheese and pepperoni.  I scooped the sauce on the crust and they spread it around with a spoon. 

Then I popped them back into the oven until the cheese melted.

And then we FEASTED!

 (I had the kids say, "I love Pizza!" while I took the picture . . . not thinking about the fact some of them where in mid-chew . . . don't zoom in too closely!)

Their is something about wearing PJ's to school that kiddos just LOVE. 
I need to think of more occasions to do this!

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