T is for Turtle

In our Letter Bag we found lots of
interesting things that
start with the letter T . . .

Terrific Turtle Treats . . .

Make a sugar cookie recipe and
use food coloring to color dough green.

(Hint: You'll have the most success if you color it BEFORE you add the flour!)

Have children roll dough into balls,
put on cookie sheet
and make criss-crossing patterns
by pushing down on the dough with the back of a fork.

Decorate to look like a turtle. We used a whole almond for the head
and chocolate chips or almond slices for the feet and tail.

Bake and enjoy!

We used our turtle theme day to explore the different kinds of homes animals live in. Also, turtles are reptiles and, like other reptiles, are cold-blooded so the inside of their body is the same temperature as the air around them. If they get too cold or too hot they will die. People and other mammals, like our pets, on the other hand, are warm blooded. What kinds of things do our bodies do when we get cold to help us warm up or cool down when we are too hot?

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