Marvelous ME!

Our first day of school subject was "Marvelous ME!" We not only got to learn a little about each child's favorite things and played a lot of games to help us remember their names, but we also learned all about our bodies.

For example, we traced various body parts and compared their lengths . . .

And explored our senses with


  • Enough Jello to make 1 serving per child. If using more than one pack, chose different flavors and have the kids guess what color the final product will be.
  • Water
  • Ice
Follow the speed-set recipe, exploring senses all along the way! For example, HEAR the package being opened, SMELL the powder, FEEL the water and ice, SEE the colors changing as water is poured on the powder, etc.

Everyone gets a chance to stir!

Chill for an hour and then . . .


And what was today's popular playtime toy? TRAINS!
Complete with lots of "Whoo-whoo's" and "Chugga-chugga-choo-choo's!"

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