About Miss Tamra

Tamra has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Marriage, Family and Human Development from Brigham Young University. She has taught children and young adults in a variety of settings including preschool, childcare, music lessons, and religious instruction.

She has worked for Early Head Start monitoring and ensuring quality early learning environments for young children and their families and was elected to represent all Utah Head Start Staff as Tri-Chair of the Utah Head Start Association. She developed and was the elected chair-person of the first Utah statewide conference for Head Start Staff and parents, which focused on education and literacy. This conference was attended by over 700 individuals.

Her musical background includes piano, singing, violin, and clarinet. She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for learning with children and young adults and is looking forward to a wonderful school year with your child.

OKAY. . .so that was the long, boring, official bio. . . but just who is Miss Tamra REALLY?

This is a picture of me when I was in preschool. Since then I have lived in lots of places and lots of houses and hope to never move again. I like to travel, swim, play scrabble, roller-blade, eat really good chocolate ice-cream, and watch movies. My most favorite thing, though, is laughing and being silly with my three boys and our little princess. As you can guess, I've learned a LOT about dinosaurs, trains, and jungle animals!

When I was little I wanted to have 13 kids and 13 jobs (Including. . . a teacher, an astronaut, a scientist, a singer and more. Why thirteen? I don't know--lucky, I guess!) and live in California. Many years later, I find myself extremely happy as a preschool teacher living in Texas with my husband and our four kids.

Have a "get to know you" question for me? Post it in the comments and I'll answer (well. . . most questions. . . )

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